Emotional Balance

Emotional Healing

Earth Animal’s Emotional Healing for pet anxiety

Does your dog or cat suffer from Fear and Anxiety?

Have you noticed your animal is a little neurotic? Its alright, help is on its way!

Most common behaviors are depression, fear of thunderstorms, distruction when left alone, aggression, excessive licking, seperation anxiety, relocation lonliness or just plain fear of anything and everything…

Our natural cat and dog anxiety remedies Flower Essences can help rebalance your animals emotions and has helped a myriad of emotionally based disorders. Flower Essences are vibrational flower liquids that are taken internally to create profound healing and change. Treat the Mind, Body and Spirit and create balance, well-being and health!

Most Common Essence - Return to Joy is the “Starter” Flower Essence, usually will help with most fear related issues. Put 1-3 drops in H2O daily and everyday 3-5 drops in the dog or cats mouth. Use for atleast a month, until you see a change.

All our cat and dog anxiety remedies can be used in conjuction with Return To Joy. If you feel the name alone of these essences strikes a chord with you purchase that specific remedy with the Return To Joy. Please call a staff nutritionist at Earth Animal if you need guidance. 800-622-0260

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