For Cats

Earth Animal knows a little bit about cats. We know they are sensitive, emotional, picky, smart, love cat nip toys and live to play! They give so much love to their people, hence people have more than one, two, three, four, five and even six...

Just like with dogs, Earth Animal recommends wholesome, natural and organic cat foods for keeping cats healthy. They don’t need a lot, just good wholesome ingredients. And, there’s nothing wrong with cooking a little fresh fish for your cat from time to time.

With cats, just think naturally before you purchase products…cat foods, cat litters, hairball remedies, they don’t need chemical flea and tick products if they are in-door, there is always a natural home-healer somewhere; just be wise and pure and they will be too! We have selected our best cat treats, toys, and food for you to choose from... enjoy and meow!

2011 KIWI Awards for best natural pet productsConnecticut Magazine's Best of 2013 Winner