Home Cooking

Home Cooking Your Dog's Food

Do you Home Cook for your Dog and Cat?
We can show you how... its easy with our homemade pet food!

Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein are big advocates of cooking fresh for your animal!
We recommend Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Organic Pre-Mix, fresh meat such as Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Turkey or even a Fish protein.

Please add a high quality oil such as Salmon, Flax, Hemp, Borage or even Eskimo Oil. It is a great idea to rotate your oils.

Once the Harvey’s Pre-mix and Meat mixture has cooled it is a MUST to add your vitamin Supplement. The Daily Health Nuggets contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, greens that aren’t found in your Harveys and Meat concoction. Please crumble your nuggets morning and evening on your Home-Cooked meals.

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