Organic Herbal Blends

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Earth Animal’s Organic Herbal Remedies
(Formulated by Dr. Bob Goldstein)

Earth Animal’s Herbal Remedies are made in Bethel, Vermont. Dr. Bob Goldstein and our master herbalist have carefully selected these herbs to help assist in the most common ailments that your animal maybe battling. They are human grade and do exactly what they say they do! You and your animal will be so pleased with the results.

To Be Taken Orally. Please give twice a day in the mouth. You can put in H2O or food but it will be most effective in the mouth.


"My Maltese, Joey, has been taking Immune Boost. After a couple of weeks I noticed a dramatic difference in his tear-staining. I recently ran out of the drops and it was not long before Joey's tear stains were bad again. I am conviced it is because of the lack of these drops! Thanks for the great products, and all the wonderful work you do for the animals." Sincerely, Sara Henke, Chicago, Illinois

"I have an 8 year old neutered cat who was diagnosed with Urinary Obstructive Disease. He had an emergecy treatment for a blocked urethra twice and we were told by our vet that if it happened again, he would be neutered. I started using Pee Pee Formula. It is an herbal liquid, which gently acidifies the cat's urine and prevents bladder crystals from forming. Shadow has
remained healthy ever since we put him on this product. Pee Pee Formula is truly a miracle in a
Cheri Lefkowitch, Norwalk, CT

2011 KIWI Awards for best natural pet productsConnecticut Magazine's Best of 2013 Winner