Pet Health

The folks at Earth Animal have nailed Pet Health to a “T”. It’s a circle of health for us. It’s simple - wholesome and organic foods.

This means feeding a high quality super premium dog and canned food. But to us, that isn’t enough…add fresh cooked or raw meats to your animal’s diet, add organic grains and vegetables (see Dr. Harvey’s Organic Pre-Mix), and most importantly, add our Daily Health Nuggets which are key to giving your cat and dog the essential living vitamins, minerals, nutrients, enzymes and greens that your pet needs and craves.

Whether you have questions about vaccines, food, skin conditions, arthritis, eye and ears, pet emotions, toys, treats or anything else, we’ll teach you how to get on the right wellness path for your dog or cat. Pet health is a body, mind and emotion concept. All three are linked and all three can be a true holistic experience if you do it with love, care and education!

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