Choosing the Best Dog Toys

Life with your best friend
November 1, 2019
5 mins

Are you planning to spoil your dog with new toys this holiday season? Are you wondering what the best toys might be for your furry friend? Read on for some tips on choosing the best toys for your dog.

The first thing you want to consider when selecting a dog toy is safety. Make sure there are no strings, elastics, or small plastic pieces that can rip off and be swallowed and be sure that there are no sharp points or sticks that might impale your dog.

Once you have ruled out all the hazardous toys, make sure that you only consider toys that are appropriate for your dog’s size. You wouldn’t want to give an oversized soccer ball to a Mini Pinscher, nor would you want to give a tiny toy to a Great Dane. Incorrectly sized toys are not only less fun for the dog, they are unsafe. A chew toy that is not sized correctly is a choking hazard.

Next, consider your dog’s toy personality. Is she a nurturer or a shredder? Does he love to tear stuffed toys to bits or carry them around gently like it’s his puppy? If your dog is likely to rip open a stuffed animal, then consider avoiding those, especially ones with squeakers inside.Squeakers can easily lodge in a dog’s throat. If your dog is a shredder,consider the hard rubber toys that will be a challenge to tear apart. Keep an eye out, though. Once your dog starts to break the toy, replace it so he or she doesn’t swallow the small pieces.

Problem solving toys are great for keeping boredom at bay. These puzzles need to be solved before your dog can get a treat, so he or she will work at it for however long it takes to get that reward. These toys provide mental stimulation as well as lots of fun.

Fetch and chase toys are always popular, too. Balls, frisbees, anything that rolls or flies through the air will get your dog hunting and running. And best of all, these toys are interactive.

Avoid rawhide toys, which can be unsafe for your dog.Instead, consider Earth Animal’s No-Hide Chews. They come in pork, salmon,chicken, or beef flavors and a variety of sizes to match your dog. They are hand-rolled, healthy, and easily digestible, free of chemicals, additives,bleaches, and formaldehydes, making them a great choice for your chew-loving friend.

Whatever toys you choose, make sure to use them with your dog rather than just giving them to your dog. It will help you bond and give you both a chance to get some exercise. Plus, a little supervision will help keep your pup safe while playing.

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