National Love Your Pet Day

Animals, People, & the Earth
February 20, 2020
5 mins

We are all familiar with February’s most famous day to celebrate love, Valentine’s Day. But, did you know that February also has another special day set aside just for showing love to your animal companion? February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day, so while you may have spent your Valentine’s Day celebrating your love for your human companions, you still have another whole day to show the love to your animal companions. While we all love our animals every day, on this extra-special day, try some of the following suggestions to let your animal companion know just how much you care.

• Spend Some Extra Time: It can be hard to fit in all the things we need and want to do in any given day, and sometimes we get a little too busy to devote as much time to our animals as we’d like. National Love Your Pet Day is your perfect opportunity to make it up to your animal companion by setting aside an hour or two (or even more) to cuddle, play, or explore together. Maybe you can take an extra long walk with your dog, play a new hunting game with your cat, give your guinea pig a lot of extra cuddle time, or bring your rabbit out to explore a new environment with you. Whatever you choose to do, your animal will be thrilled with all the extra attention and will certainly feel the love.

• Offer Special Treats: National Love Your Pet Day is the perfect time to whip up a batch of homemade treats or allow your animal to have that only once-in-a-while goody they love so much. And we know your dog or cat will feel extra loved with Earth Animal No-Hide® Chews, All-Natural Chicken Strips, or Chicken Cutlets with Brushed-On Benefits®, any of which will make for a delicious way to say, “I love you.”

• Play Mind Games: Play some games with your animal that stimulate their mind as well as their feelings of love. Hide treats in a puzzle, play hide and seek, or teach your animal something new. The time you spend together will increase your bond as well as help build up their brain power.

• Visit with Friends: If your animal is the social type, but you can’t get out to mingle as often as you’d both like, schedule some time to visit a dog park or set up a get together with another animal family. If you make a date, be sure that you already know that the animals get along or you could be inadvertently showing your animal companion more stress than love. Spending time with friends, animal and human, will make you both feel warm and fuzzy.

• Spread the Love: You know that your animal is loved and cherished and that you do everything you can to take great care of them. But there are many animals in shelters waiting to be adopted who, despite the best efforts of the shelter staff, may be feeling lonely and abandoned. After spending extra time with your own beloved animal companion, consider stopping by a shelter to offer help, bring some much needed supplies, or just spend some time with the animals to let them know they haven’t been forgotten. If you can and the situation would be right for both you and your animal companion, consider fostering or adopting a shelter animal. You just may be saving their life.

National Love Your Pet Day is your animal companion’s very own Valentine’s Day. Celebrate by showering them with love and attention, and possibly adding a new member to your family, and you’ll both have a very happy February 20th.

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