Winter Pests

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December 17, 2019
5 mins

It seems like common sense. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes only thrive in warm weather, so you can take a break from your prevention protocol through the winter. However, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes don’t follow the rules of conventional wisdom and maintaining your prevention strategies throughout the winter is necessary to protect your animal companion from these pesky pests.

Unfortunately for our animals, fleas can survive cold temperatures into the 38℉ range, and can even make it through the cold winter months if they attach themselves to a warm animal host. Moreover, flea pupae can survive the winter in their cocoons as long as they are in a covered space, such as a garage or basement, and they will remain in their cocoons until the conditions are appropriate for them to come out. If they are in a warm house, these conditions can be met at any time and you may find yourself dealing with fleas throughout the year ( But winter is a good time to get a leg up on a flea problem, as there do tend to be fewer of them and those that are around are less active. Maintain flea treatments and flea prevention programs throughout the winter in order to stay one step ahead of the fleas.

Like fleas, ticks can also survive the winter by attaching to a warm host, such as your companion animal. Without the warm host, they can survive in temperatures down to approximately 45℉ ( Therefore, it is important to continue tick prevention and treatment protocols throughout the winter, too.

While mosquitoes cannot survive in cold weather, it is good to maintain the practice of preventing mosquito bites in your companion animal so you don’t forget when the times comes, and you aren’t caught off-guard by a sudden Spring warming. Mosquitoes can cause a lot of problems, most notably that they can infect animals with a heartworm parasite. Since heartworm can be fatal, it is important to maintain your prevention protocol year round (

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