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We're on a mission to change the way we all coexist with animals.

This is more than a job for all of us. This is our shared passion. We believe we have the opportunity to do something wonderful together – to find another way of caring for ourselves, the animals around us, and this whole planet. Sound like something you're like to be a part of?

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We love what we do
Susan Goldstein (with Daisy)

Anatomy of an Earth Animal

  • A nose for it: You do what you're good at, and that you enjoy doing, while always bringing ideas to life.
  • Heart of gold: You have a generosity of spirit, graciously putting the needs of others before your own.
  • Faithful friend: You're loyal, honest, and judgement free, always seeing the good in yourself, others, and the world.
  • An excitable wag: You're excited for what's possible and ready to make even the toughest moments more enjoyable.
  • A curious mind: You're continuously learning and not afraid to ask the questions that lead to solutions. always bringing ideas to life.

We change the world,

We believe that even though we’re a small company, each and every one of us has the power to make a major impact on the world, especially when we work together.

We love giving back

BenefitsWe live, and love, the Earth Animal life.

100% employer-covered health insurance

We’re a family, and your health & well-being is important to us all, so we’ve got your back, 100%.

 Animals in the office

We're not only dog & cat friendly, we adore it. Have you ever had a dog join a meeting? It's the best.

Volunteer Days

We encourage you to get out and do some good, wherever you feel you can make a difference.

Flexible work locale

Whether working from home to be close to loved ones or not driving to cut emissions, we support it.

401k match

We feel our work will create a better, healthier future, and so we want to help you to invest in it.

Gym membership reimbursement

We believe in promoting wellness inside & out, and we know a good workout can solve many things.