Promises you can trust

Since 1979, Earth Animal has been dedicated to caring for animals, people and the Earth. We are committed to be the most earnest, mindful, and trusted company in the pet industry by exploring another way– a more humane, natural and effective way to change things for the better, one Earth animal at a time.

Love the Earth
Be transparent
Treat compassionately
Give back
Love the Earth
The Puppies, Washington, Maine

Love the Earth

Every choice we make affects the bigger picture. And surely we see ways to make things easier for ourselves, but that’s not to the benefit of anyone but ourselves. So we work tirelessly to increase awareness of the world around us while avoiding the use of pesticides or insecticides, as well as unnecessary waste.

Be transparent
Benson, 2, Connecticut

Be transparent

We certainly aren’t perfect, but we still believe in being open, honest, and transparent about everything we do and make, including what ingredients we use and where they come from. And along this journey, we learn, improve, and find ways to be better, as we always do. Because that’s how you'll always know you can trust us.

Treat humanely
This TLC is what we want to see on ALL farms, for EVERY ANIMAL, ALL the time.

Treat Compassionately

We follow the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare and truly believe in pasture-raised animals. We don't believe in confinement. They need room to be animals, to be happy and healthy. We believe in the highest possible animal welfare standards, and have zero tolerance for cruelty, because we're connected to these animals – all of us – and they deserve our love and respect.

Give back
The Mitten Project supporting the CT Food Bank.

Give back

We strongly believe in giving back to the world. That’s why we make a charitable contribution every single day, great or small, and always find ways to support organizations and their mission to preserve and enhance quality of life for animals, people and the earth. That's because nurturing our community and bringing people together around a shared love for all Earth’s animals is why we exist.

We believe

...what goes around comes around.  It is our truth. That’s why we dedicate 1% of our sales to social & environmental impact programs and organizations that preserve and enhance quality of life for animals, people, and the Earth.

"These chews are so well liked by my dogs…they absolutely love them. I am a huge fan of chemical-free, grass-fed products for my animals, and I am so aligned with Earth Animal’s mission. Thank you for offering animal lovers such healthy products for our four-legged creatures!"
Jocelyn S. on No-Hide Beef Chews
This is the best product I could have bought for my little dog – Alfred. The best part is no Vet bills. Just a clean bill of health. Thank you so much.
Lydie, from Texas, on Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Daily Health Nuggets
"For our 13 yr labrador baby with Sundowners…this was the only product to get her back in bed with us & sleeping through the night. It’s really a blessing."
Lynn T. on Nature’s Comfort Zen Tabs™