Our 1% Promise

Running a sustainable company is more than mitigating our environmental impacts. Yes, that’s critically important to us, as is the treatment of our employees, our role in the community, conducting ethical corporate governance, and ensuring a world-class supply chain code of conduct. As such, we proudly dedicate 1% of our annual net sales to like-minded organizations, industry stewardship, and mission-driven efforts that preserve and enhance the quality of life for animals, people, and the Earth.

The Puppies, Washington, Maine


We’re committed to ensuring all of Earth’s animals have a high quality of life, so we follow the 5 domains of animal welfare in order to avoid unnecessary suffering while maintaining physical health and enabling behavioral freedom. That’s why we only work with partners that provide their animals with the 5 domains to ensure a positive, happy, well-lived life.

Benson, 2, Connecticut


The Earth Animal family is devoted to creating happy, healthy lives for animals all over the world. But we also strongly believe in the health and well-being of people and the communities we share. When we come together in love and support of one other, Earth’s animals, and the planet itself, we can nurture this vital symbiotic relationship we share for the better. 


Our journey to finding better alternatives to animal and planet care is never ending. We're on a continuous quest to better the Earth we call home, for the animals and people who share it.

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Carbon Off-Setting

During the spring of 2020, we recognized how much traveling we do — from daily commutes to trade show travels — and the environmental impact of it all. So we set ourselves a new goal to offset our carbon impact: to create a tool for tracking our emissions throughout 2020, while limiting travel for all, and to completely end flights for every person in the company by the end of 2021.

Flex Forward

 An estimated 300 million lbs of plastic pet food bags are generated each year, but 99% of that waste is not being recycled. We’re working toward a better future to reduce landfill waste and plastic released into the environment. Working together with the Pet Sustainability Coalition and Pet Food Experts Distribution, we’re proud to introduce a project we call Flex Forward. 

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Life Cycle Assessment

To understand how we impact the environment, we partner with the Pet Sustainability Coalition, analyzing the life-cycle of our products to better inform our decisions. We’ve discovered that switching to bigger bags would have a positive impact, as well as using bio-based packaging, which is unfortunately not 100% recyclable. But, when considering water use, fossil fuels, and all else that goes into the life-cycle of recyclable bags, we learned that remaining with sugarcane-based bags would be the optimal choice for the planet. And we’ll continue only making informed decisions with everything we do.

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For many years, we searched for the perfect home for our Wisdom™ Dog Food. We never did find it, so we built our own. We named her Riverstone — a beautiful facility in rural Maryland that’s designed for not only the dog food we’ve dreamed of, but also for being environmentally conscious. Now, to make her even better, we’re instituting an environmental management system to help monitor the entire output of the plant, providing checks & balances to ensure accountability for everything we do.

Collateral & Displays

In our enduring efforts to protect and nurture the planet, we believe in finding new, innovative ways to package, market, and display our products. Every little bit can have a great impact, so whether it’s our reusable shopping bags made from plastic bottles, or our bio-based dog food bags, you’ll always find we take precious care in choosing what materials we use.

Proud Icon Member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition

As the first icon member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, we are excited to work hand-in-hand with PSC to drive innovative solutions to industry-wide problems through collaborative efforts between brands, manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

"These chews are so well liked by my dogs…they absolutely love them. I am a huge fan of chemical-free, grass-fed products for my animals, and I am so aligned with Earth Animal’s mission. Thank you for offering animal lovers such healthy products for our four-legged creatures!"
Jocelyn S. on No-Hide Beef Chews
This is the best product I could have bought for my little dog – Alfred. The best part is no Vet bills. Just a clean bill of health. Thank you so much.
Lydie, from Texas, on Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Daily Health Nuggets
"For our 13 yr labrador baby with Sundowners…this was the only product to get her back in bed with us & sleeping through the night. It’s really a blessing."
Lynn T. on Nature’s Comfort Zen Tabs™

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