No-Hide® Wholesome Chews

There's no hiding it, No-Hide® chews are simply the best treat on the planet. It's the healthier, long-lasting, delicious alternative to rawhide that pets love. We call it No-Hide® Nirvana.

Benson, 8 months,

No-Hide® Chew School

Squee, 4, Connecticut

Our pets chew for different reasons, and only you know them well enough to decide which chew is best for them, but there are a variety of benefits to No-Hide® chews, including:

  • Dental benefits by massaging gums and cleaning teeth
  • Attention benefits by easing boredom and offering long-lasting durability
  • Psychological benefits by providing soothing comfort and support

Know your pet's Chew IQ

Teacup / Small Dogs / Cats
Up to 15 lbs
No-Hide® Stix
Medium Dogs
Up to 45 lbs
Small No-Hide®
Large Dogs
Up to 75 lbs
Medium No-Hide®
Giant Dogs
75+ lbs
Large No-Hide®

While they're the best in digestibility and wholesome nutrients, we still recommend all pets be given a No-Hide® that’s appropriately sized, and to ALWAYS BE SUPERVISED. Pick chews that are larger than their mouth. That way, they have to work at it, gnawing it down slowly. This prevents aggressive chewing, gulping, and breaking off of large pieces. Your pet's safety is what's most important, so Chews Wisely!

No-Hide® vs. rawhide

No-Hide®s average 80% digestibility compared to just 18% in rawhide. With absolutely NO chemicals, bleaches, formaldehydes, or additives, you can be happy knowing your pet is truly getting a nutritious, delicious, and long-lasting No-Hide® Nirvana experience.

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Size (mm) / Shape
Gastric degradation
(over 8 hour period)
Intestinal Degradation
(over 8 hour period)
No-Hide® Beef Chews
10, slice
82%, excellent
86%, excellent
No-Hide® Chicken Chews
10, slice
79%, excellent
73%, excellent
10, square
32%, poor
4%, very poor

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Healthy dog chews with
only 7 ingredients



Pennsylvania, USA

Brown Rice Flour

Pennsylvania, USA


Washington, USA

Organic Eggs

Pennsylvania, USA

Olive Oil

British Columbia, Canada


Quebec, Canada


North Carolina, USA

Learn how to make sure your loved one is chewing No-Hide safely!

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