The Long-Lasting, Heavenly Alternative to Rawhide

What started as a small family-run company over 40 years ago has now grown into something more (though we’re still family-run). Creating products and treats for dogs and cats in the US has brought us so much joy that we’re bringing our
No-Hide® Chews to the UK.


No-Hide® Wholesome Chews – simply the best

Our holistic No-Hide® Chews are made from just 7 natural ingredients with no chemicals or bleach, these chews average 80% digestibility as compared to the 18% of rawhides. With 3 flavours your furry friend will love, it’s no wonder we brought No-Hide® Chews to the UK.

Where to buy No-Hide

Healthy, long-lasting dog chew with only 7 ingredients



Pennsylvania, USA

Brown Rice Flour

Pennsylvania, USA


Washington, USA

Organic Eggs

Pennsylvania, USA

Olive Oil

British Columbia, Canada


Quebec, Canada


North Carolina, USA

Where you can buy No-Hides

If you’re in the UK, you cannot purchase through our website yet, but you can purchase online or in-store through a local retailer.


We believe we’re all Earth Animals

Here at Earth Animal we believe every creature on this planet has feelings just like us. That’s why we’re dedicated to crafting products and treats that use the best ingredients for your four-legged friends, so they can lead a happy, healthy life right by your side.

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