Dr. Bob Goldstein’sWisdom
Dog Food

Our dream food - Made with thoughtfully trusted ingredients, a one-of-a-kind, patented process, and crafted in small batches in our own plant, it's truly the most wisely-made dog food yet.

Tommy the Dog, almost 2, Connecticut

Our perfect 3-part formula

Wisdom contains only 3 nutrient-packed complete-and-balanced components, perfect for dogs of any breed or life stage. Because when done right, simple and natural is all your dog needs.


Nutrient-Rich, American Chicken & Turkey Compassionately raised on cage-free farms


Dr. Bob's Vitality Cubes™
Rich in Sprouted Seeds, Antioxidants, Fatty Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals


Wholesome Fruits and Vegetables
Gently Air-Dried to Lock in Valuable Nutrients

*A precise combination of carefully-selected fruits, vegetables, seeds, and sprouts, gently air dried to retain the food’s natural, power-packed life-source nutrients.

Gently air-dried to preserve nutrients

Each ingredient is cooked individually!

Gently air-dried to preserve nutrients

We never overcook our dog food with high temperatures or pressure. That only kills the vital nutrients and life force found inside. Instead, we cook each ingredient individually at the perfect temperature, and then air-dry to preserve nutrients, while also safely protecting against harmful bacteria.

Two nutrient-filled recipes packed with love, coming soon!

We're proud of our



Virginia, USA


Pennsylvania, USA

Organic Carrots

British Columbia, Canada

Organic Cranberries

Quebec, Canada

Organic Sweet Potato

North Carolina, USA

Organic Broccoli

British Columbia, Canada

Organic Blueberries

Michigan, USA
Quebec, Canada
New Brunswick, Canada

Organic Apples

Washington, USA

Organic Beets

British Columbia, Canada

Higher digestibility, healthier pups


88% digestibility means a happy, healthy dog.


65% digestibility is the average in dog food.

The higher the digestibility, the higher the quality of the dog food. And Wisdom™ ranks way up there with 88% digestibility. That’s because excellent nutrient density allows you to feed your dog less food, while still giving them the vital nutritional benefits they need. That’s the Wisdom™ Difference.

With the 5 Domains comes Wisdom

We believe that the emotional wellbeing of an animal is the key indicator of its welfare. That’s why we follow the 5 Domains of animal welfare. The 5 Domains model provides us with a systematic and structured way to describe the welfare of an animal based on the belief that all living things, emotional wellbeing. We only work with partners that provide all their animals good nutrition, a safe environment, healthcare when needed, and the ability to act as they would in the wild, all which lead to positive emotional wellbeing and a life well lived.

That’s why we craft our Wisdom dog food according to our belief that all animals deserve a good life. 

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It smells amazing too. No, really!


It smells amazing too. No, really!

Wisdom™ dog food is made with love, that's for sure. In fact, you might see some members of our family smelling it closely or even taking a a few bites. That's because it's all human-grade, quality ingredients prepared the right way.