timeline-1Dr. Bob proudly sources his ingredients for Earth Animal foods and treats from local PA farmers as, ” It just feels good to support folks who care so deeply for the land and what it produces”. The decision to come to Pennsylvania was a” Coming Home” experience. “It’s where I went to veterinary school and the farm country is where I studied and treated large animals”. Dr. Bob

It all begins in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, a Mecca for farm fresh fruits, veggies, poultry and meat. In these rolling, pristine hills, “organic” is not something new, but rather a part of what has always been, and continues to be, a pure and simple lifestyle for humans and animals.

Our products are made with organic fruits and veggies, and with humanely-raised meats and poultry. All of these ingredients are sourced in the USA. Earth Animal products are made in the USA in a small food processing facility by dedicated workers who carefully blend, bake and pack them with a personal touch.

Earth Animal strives in every way possible to protect the welfare of all animals. That’s why we only purchase meat and poultry that have been humanely-raised. It’s also why, during development, that Earth Animal’s Wisdom food was studied and nutritionally evaluated by veterinary-developed, and fed to dogs in private homes. We wanted to insure that your dog was fed only the highest quality food, but we also did not want to support feeding trials using laboratory dogs fed in kennels on cement slabs. This is just one more conscious step toward improving life and health for all our best friends and yours.